Sunday, May 19, 2013

4 - 05-20-13 The Beginning

Had it been him six months ago, he would have said it was the find of the century.  Hell, even the Millennium.  Scientists from around the world had been asking the same question about how the virus spread, and more importantly, how to disable it.  The important thing to note about viruses in particular is that their simplicity is almost what makes them so difficult with which to deal.  A mere several thousand genetic sequences versus a more complex organism that contains millions of sequences.  Humans may have cataloged the human genome but understanding it takes time.  It is as though we have figured out how the ancient Egyptians built the pyramids, but we cannot, for whatever reason, find out where the stones came from.

And the rocks are what is important.  Dr. Anderson stood in front of his class dumbfounded after hearing the news that a new virus was on the loose.  How could one man say to a body of young adults that the world they knew to be true was about to come to an end?  How do you convey the end of the world?  Of course, all the major news stations were spreading their information, but in truth it was all speculation.  This virus, found in the deepest part of Zaire was more than an Ebola spin-off.  It was the killer plague all over again.  Most of the science community knew it.  Anderson watched as trusted colleagues hopped in their SUVs and drove off into the sunset to spend what little time they had left with their family.

The thing people should understand and respect about scientists is that, we have families too.  We don't just sit around near some government alarm waiting to pull the switch.  If there is something terrible on the horizon, we are people too.  Yes, we will alert the authorities.  But, honestly, do you think the authorities would even tell you if a nuclear missile was just overhead?  A lot of people refer to this as 'collateral damage'  or even 'acceptable losses'.  People are pawns on a giant political chess board.  As long as the powers that be continue thriving, the rest is just an acceptable loss.  But here is the catch.  Here's the kicker.

Dr. Anderson, he knew about the virus long before DC got wind of it.  He knew how to control it.  Hell, I even think he knew how to cure it.  Sure, he pretended that he was coy and ignorant, but I have a diary that spells out his intention to the letter.  No, I will not share with you what he wrote in said diary.  You haven't given me nearly enough money.  Besides, if it was money I was after, I would have contacted the FEDS already.  They have deep pockets when it comes to proper intel.  No, the reason I wanted you to know, Isaac, is because I know you are a man of action.  I heard you had a daughter.  This is no world for such a sweet girl to grow up in.  I'll tell you how to kill them.  I'll teach you how to stay safe and away from the city poison.

I can see you doubt me.  I promise you I have no agenda.  You see this bite mark on my arm? Dr. Anderson bit me.  I was trying to help him find a cure but he turned faster than I could blink.  I have mere moments.  Take this gun and finish me but only after I say that there is a way out.  You may not think but if your sweet daughter gets infected and you don't want to live through the pain of dying so that she may live as a creature, you aim straight for her head, and then you aim straight for yours. God speed, Isaac.